OSYLIA Descritption



My Little Sous Chef is a start-up editorial project born in 2015 thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign. It’s an innovative tandem cookbook for parents and kids to use together and explore the magic that happens in the kitchen. The project includes two volumes, one for the parents, and one for the kids, both showcasing the same recipes to encourage sharing the experience of cooking.

Shape the brand to be appealing to two different target audiences and make the books appealing and attractive for the grown-ups and at the same time, clear and engaging for the kids.

The logotype reflects the concept of the books, alternating playful elements with classic ones, and mixing illustrating traces with the more straight lines of the Bebas font. The editorial layout has been designed in two completely different ways, brought together through the use of colour and overall aesthetic feel. The adult book presents a clean and fresh layout, the cooking indications are minimal and the lifestyle pictures are the main focus. In the kids' version, the layout follows the flow of the illustrations, the main core of the book, while the short descriptions use a playful and easy to read font. The playful and friendly illustrations were designed to be easily understood even without the text, like a proper instructions manual for children. Collateral printed materials have been designed to complement the branding.