Aneto Descritption



Aneto is a cafe serving everything from your morning coffee and homemade pastry, to delicious fresh pasta and fish dishes. Opened in 2017 after the renovation of an old pub, Aneto is now a meeting point for the families of East Dulwich.

A complete refurbishment of an 150sqm space plus garden with a very tight budget, creating a kids friendly new environment.

We wanted to give the place a garden feel, bringing the outdoor park inside, emphasizing the freshness of the food in an approachable and lively way. Instead of changing the finishes inside, we decided to work on what we already had. The wood cladding on the wall became the canvas for a graphic pattern, highlighting the individual planks using 3 tones of blue. The same treatment was applied to the counter, giving the entrance a fresh and bright look. Half of the old furniture was up-cycled and painted using the same tones of blue, and combined with new industrial looking tables and stools. The bespoke wooden shelving that surrounds the kitchen doors has been painted and transformed in a “larder” like display, adding jars filled with ingredients and several different plants. Adding to the balmy outdoor feel, we played with different types of plants in the most visible places.