ABOUT vecchio

We love our work and we do it with passion, love and positivity.

Hello, we are Ink Inch, a multidisciplinary design studio based in East London.

Since 2014 we have been successfully developing creative solutions that generate growth, with projects ranging from branding, graphic and web design to site management, interior and exhibition design.

We believe that creativity can elevate a business on both a commercial and emotional level. That’s why our primary focus is on creating engaging connections between brands and people.

We see design as a multidisciplinary act. By bringing together graphic and spatial design, we help our clients communicate their business with clarity and personality.

Our mix of knowledge and experience makes for a formidable team. We operate within a flexible creative structure; everyone is involved in the creative output of every project.

We also work with a network of multidisciplinary creatives to bring large scale projects to life.